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Application Functions

The ISMI CleanCalc II Fab Energy Simulation tool is a computer program that estimates annual and peak energy for cleanrooms and fabs based on hourly, world-wide weather data and 46 other variables including size, location, room temperature and relative humidity, recirculation and makeup air handler flow rates and other operating parameters, humidification method, heat source, chiller efficiency, fan efficiency, boiler efficiency, tool energy, tool heat removal, and heat burden.
Outputs include total annual and peak energy consumption values for cooling, heating, humidification, chiller, boiler, electrical, and fossil fuel. The model can analyze five scenarios side by side with graphing capability for each scenario, including weather bin data graphically overlaid onto psychrometric charts for each scenario. This energy analysis tool has the capability to quickly show the impact of cleanroom design changes on energy consumption.

CleanCalc II will be very useful to cleanroom design engineers, facility engineers & energy managers.


System Requirements

Microsoft Windows ™ 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7
Microsoft Excel 2003 or later
2.00 GB of RAM or more
2 GHz Processor or faster
100 MB Disk Space or more

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